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Our 14 pens are 'state of the art' living for cats with multi level resting places and huge play areas where they can hide from other cats if they wish, or at higher levels see all that is going on around them.


The whole sleeping area in each pen is fully insulated and thermostatically controlled; so that your cat does not have to stay on the bed to keep warm!  The bedrooms have a large  front window so that your cat can still see out if he/she wants  to stay in the warm during chilly weather.

Each pen has a cat or mouse chair for your cat to sit on

Our pens are able to accommodate up to 3 cats from the same household. All pens can have a section of the partition wall removed to enable them to be inter-connecting with the next door pen. Thereby able to accommodate larger numbers of cats from the same household. They have multi level shelving, lots of toys and even their own colourful cat or mouse chair for your cat to rest on. You are most welcome to bring any bedding, toys, brushes etc. that your cat particularly likes, which will make him/her feel more at home.


Above: Front view of the Cattery
Below: View from inside showing pens
and ventilated safety corridor



Above: View of the interior of one of our pens
showing the run with the bedroom door open


We understand the need for a safe, happy and disease-free stay for all our feline guests and this has been uppermost in the design of the cattery. Our units are built from impervious uPVC and safety glass, which enables ALL surfaces to be hygienically cleaned.


Colourful mobiles hang in our pens

The flooring is by 'Polysafe Vogue Ultra', which is used in veterinary and hospital situations. This forms a non-slip surface and has a 'soft' touch to it, and once again this allows for excellent cleaning conditions.

There is a radio playing at intervals, for a home from home environment, with lots of checks and cuddles throughout the day as standard.


  • All cats will have a daily record card to ensure that we are aware that all bodily functions are working! If not, medical attention will be given sooner rather than later.

  • We will not accept any cat that is not vaccinated or flea treated before arrival, thus safe-guarding our guests from cross-infections.




Above: Interior of the sleeping area
Below: One of our visitors on the sun shelf



We supply a variety of Whiska's, Felix and Iams wet food, along with Hill's Science, Go-Cat, Whiska's and Iams biscuits. Any other brand of food please feel free to supply and bring in with your cat and we will be happy to feed this. If your cat is on a special diet, or if your cat likes something a bit different, please bring this along and we will be pleased to serve this to them. Your cat will be fed twice a day at breakfast and late afternoon. We use Öko Plus cat litter but if your cat prefers a different kind you are welcome to bring this in.

The Fat Cat welcomes you to Purr-fect Place!If your cat is on any medication we will gladly administer this for you. Please feel free to request any further requirements you may have.

So that we can offer your cat the very best attention, our booking form asks for lots of information about your particular cat's needs. Please fill in the form in as much detail as possible, so that we can give your cat the individual care he/she deserves while staying with us at Purr-fect Place Cattery.







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